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There are 17 models in Models in Finite Math for Windows. The models are displayed in one of two ways. The list above the line we refer to as modules while the list below the line we refer to as Calculators due to their display.





For most of the modules, after selecting the module you will be asked for information about the specific problem.



After indicating the size of the problem, a blank data screen will appear.



Fill in the information for the specific problem



And then press the Solve button on the toolbar yielding the results screen.



Notice that the results are color coded in blue whereas the original data is in black. For many modules, more results can be found by clicking on the Window option in the main menu as displayed above.





The calculators appear as tabbed windows as displayed below.



Most calculators will have a choice of models such as the choice above. After selecting a model more information will be requested such as below.



Enter the data and the solution will appear.



Additional results will be found on the other tabs.